Success Stories - Langford Wind Farm

Bringing clean energy to the Texas prairie.

One of our solutions provides a breath of fresh air at a wind-driven power-generation facility in Texas. Located on 35,000 acres about 280 miles southwest of Dallas is the 150 MW Langford Wind Farm with an impressive array of 300-foot wind turbines.

NRG Energy Services manages, maintains and staffs the site where more than 525,000 MWh of wind energy can be generated each year – enough to power 100,000 Texas homes. To do so involves 100 individual mills and an equal number of General Electric 1.5 MW wind turbine generators. Operational since 2009, the wind farm employs 10 full-time professionals, delivering a solution that works for the environment and for the region’s energy needs.

Perhaps the most important number of all relates to what doesn’t occur as a result of the efficient, clean and reliable power produced at the site. Doing so avoids the emission of more than 362,000 tons of carbon into the atmosphere – the equivalent of taking approximately 76,000 cars off the road.