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More than 42 GW of wind energy projects have been installed in the U.S., and the country will need over 100,000 additional wind turbines to supply 20 percent of the nation's electricity over the next 20 years. Though the wind is something we all feel every day, operating and maintaining wind turbines requires extensive technical knowledge and sophisticated capabilities to diagnose component performance. That's what we're here for.

A typical wind turbine requires routine service – from oil flush to bolt inspection – and should be monitored, maintained and repaired every year. Because keeping your plants running is our top priority, we've developed an effective maintenance program that includes three key components.

  • Preventive. Calendar and run-hour scheduled maintenance, based on manufacturer's recommendations and our experience.
  • Predictive. Maintenance performed in response to trend analysis of temperatures, pressures, oil quality and other key parameters.
  • Corrective. If a piece of equipment fails, we'll get it running smoothly.

When corrective maintenance is needed, we will provide timely and competent response, in both normal and emergency situations. At your wind turbine, we maintain:

  • Main-shaft full assemblies
  • Gearboxes
  • Blades
  • Shafts
  • Generators
  • Yaw/pitch systems
  • BOP services

Wind Projects

Choosing the right vendor for your O&M program is a critical choice. NRG Energy Services will provide wind O&M services for your installation with efficiency, competence, extensive resources and deep industry experience.