Watch your solar facilities shine.

Our NRG Solar team (owned by NRG Energy, Inc.) is the nation's largest developer of solar power, with more than 1,100 MW operational, under construction or in late-stage development. Using either photovoltaic panels, which convert sunlight into energy, or concentrated solar power, which uses sunlight as the fuel source to create steam to drive a turbine, NRG develops utility scale solar projects to produce clean, renewable electricity for thousands of customers.

We have taken over the operations of the world's largest solar thermal project in the Mojave Desert. The Ivanpah Project uses its 347,000 sun-facing mirrors to capture the sun's energy and transfer it to usable energy for over 140,000 Californian homes. With innovation always the focus, our solar branch's future looks quite bright.

Our on-site solar industry maintenance services offer your business:

  • Diagnostics for control issues
  • Tuning
  • Cleaning of mirrors and ancillary equipment
  • Validating auxiliary equipment functions properly

NRG Energy Services is fully committed to the solar initiatives of its affiliates. While the solar power industry continues to evolve and expand, trained technicians are challenging to find. Our expertise is displayed in our projects, and they're growing.

Solar Projects

Choosing the right vendor for your O&M program is a critical choice. NRG Energy Services will provide solar O&M services for your installation with efficiency, competence, extensive resources and deep industry experience.