Reliable expertise. Powerful generation.

Our NRG Energy Services team operates over 15 GW of coal-fired power plants. With over a decade of experience of operating the plans, our team has climbed its way to becoming one of the largest coal-plant operators in the nation.

From Texas to Pennsylvania to Australia, we don’t take over assets of your plant. Our key advantage is that we provide plant owners with cost-effective, reliable generation output. By establishing teams of subject matter experts who are focused on improving reliability across your entire coal fleet, we’re there for you each step.

NRG Energy Services’ approach includes incorporation of fleet-wide programs that are implemented by teams of corporate, regional and plant subject matter experts that focus on fleet reliability for specific equipment and technical issues. Our proven programs include:

  • Boiler Reliability and Inspection Team
  • Electrical Apparatus Group
  • High Energy Piping Program
  • Rotating Equipment Program - steam turbines and large pumps

Coal Projects

Choosing the right vendor for your O&M program is a critical choice. NRG Energy Services will provide coal O&M services for your installation with efficiency, competence, extensive resources and deep industry experience.